10 Haunted Mansion No One Wants To Buy Even For $1

Here are some of the top 10 haunted mansions in the world that people are not that interested to buy because of the strange activities in these haunted mansions.

Some mansions seem perfect on paper big Mansions, huge bathrooms luscious gardens, and a price tag that’s just too good to be true.

But despite all this some mansions stay on the market for years regardless of how cheap, the owners drop their prize.

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Whether it’s a sordid violent past paranormal occupants or a smell that just won’t quit there are many reasons.

Why some mansions will never sell no matter how much of a bargain it may seem to stick around for the top 10 Mansions.

#10 Granot Loma

That no one wants to buy for any price this is one of the largest log cabins.

That you can find in us it is located next to 5000 acres of forest right along the lake the total area.

That this huge property covers is 26 000 square feet.

It has a total of 23 bedrooms and it comes with four complete apartments as outbuildings.

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A private marina and a humungous bathtub this mansion has a great history as well it was built by the owner of general motors and is even registered as a historic site by the national register of historic places in the u.s.

The granateloma was put up for sale at a price of 40 million dollars.

But it didn’t sell this price was cut in half in hopes of finding a buyer. But that didn’t work as well owing to the age of the building and the remoteness of its location.

It is still unsold to this day a standard top quality mansion in the state of new jersey.

This is a fairly attractive property with six bedrooms four fireplaces and four bathrooms it was bought by a family for 1.5 million dollars but they never moved in this property gets its name.

#9 The watcher house

The watcher house because whoever moves in starts to get threatening letters from mysterious people.

Claiming to be the watchers of the house the letters claim that this haunted mansion belongs to their ancestors.

Who were hired as caretakers of the property back in the 20s this story got picked up by news outlets making it go viral.

The haunted mansion has not been able to sell ever since and when it was rented to someone.

They started receiving the letters again forcing them to move out.

#8 The halston Party Penthouse

Located in the coveted east upper area of manhattan new york this property was the prized party house of famous designer Roy Halston frock in the 1970s.

His apartment has a very rich history and had the wildest parties and hosted.

The most celebrities of all time given the association of famed names attached to it this townhouse was listed for sale at 38 million dollars.

But has still not been sold the price was reduced down to 24 million and more discounts were offered.

But it just doesn’t seem to attract any buyers the reason for this might have been the controversial nature of the parties.

That were hosted in the apartment maybe buyers with that kind of money didn’t want their name attached to a property.

That was notorious for hosting drug-fueled parties that made big headlines back in the day.

#7 Montclair House

Imagine a six-bedroom haunted mansion that covers almost three thousand nine hundred square feet of area and is on sale for just ten dollars.

Say what! You would think that it would have been sold right away right the Montclair house.

Which is over 100 years old is that property despite being dirt cheap and having a historical significance.

The property comes with its own set of complications the land surrounding the haunted mansion has been commissioned as a site for eight more houses.

The buyer of the house will have to renovate the house at their own expense and not by choice the historic elements of the house.

Will have to be preserved as they are because this house is registered in the historic preservation commission.

The house has lead paint which is hazardous for your health as well as asbestos.

Both of these bad things are required to be removed by law so owing to the complications.

That comes with the property it’s no surprise that no one has stepped forward to claim this ten-dollar mansion

#6 Pillars Estate

This is yet another historic house that covers a total area of 7 200 square feet.

The property is very well designed with a greek theme it has six bedrooms with three bathrooms and five fireplaces a ballroom parlor and library add to the appeal of the property.

It was put on for sale at one million dollars which is rather cheap considering the value of the real estate in the area.

The price was further reduced by 50 percent when the house failed to attract a buyer.

But it has still not been sold the reason for that is when the house was undergoing renovations the workers claimed that they saw ghosts.

Specifically a woman and a child that’s scary enough to make me want to stay away from it unless someone plans to call the ghostbusters.

Anyone got their number

#5 Charming Forgue Mansion

This is another historic property it was originally built by henry William stego in 1749.

It has been renovated to make it a viable living option with all the modern amenities it has a total area of 7 800 square feet.

Complete with seven bedrooms a carriage barn as a reminder of its history and a guest house.

It’s huge so it came as quite a surprise when this property which could easily be worth a few million was listed for just 825 000.

The reason for this is a haunted history. It is claimed that the ghost of the original owner haunts, this property.

Some people have also claimed to have heard a woman crying in the bedroom even at such an attractive price point it is just too scary to attract any buyers.

I’m afraid it’s just another job for the ghostbusters.

#4 ANN Starrett Mansion

This beautiful mansion that was styled after queen Anne was constructed in 1889.

It is located on a hilltop has 11 bedrooms with seven bathrooms and it covers an area of 5800 square feet it.

Also provides a stunning view of the bay this property was renovated and transformed into a hotel in its history as well.

If it’s such an attractive property then you might be wondering what’s it doing on our list well it has a haunted history as well.

Which has prevented it from finding any suitable buyers reports of the mansion’s long gone owners roaming around in the mansion have detracted any potential buyers. Who you gonna call

#3 SK PIERCE Mansion

This mansion is a serious work of art it is a 6700 square foot house.

That is styled in the victorian theme with a total of 10 bedrooms and woodwork that dates clear back to 1875.

The price for such an impressive property should easily be a couple of million dollars, but it was listed at a bargain-basement price of 329 000.

Yet still hasn’t been sold can you maybe guess the reason why yup you guessed it the place is haunted.

There is a good reason that it is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in the whole united states.

There have been a total of seven deaths here and many paranormal activities happened after this.

This mansion has been featured on countless television shows which have made it notoriously famous for being haunted.

Since no one wants to share their house with unwanted guests of the ghost kind this has not found a buyer hey it’s really starting to get creepy around here now.

#2 The Priestly House

This is the perfect house if you’re looking for a georgian style mansion.

That has all the amenities that you can expect from a quality modern home.

Such as an office swimming pool library music room and a greenhouse oh.

You know where we’re going with this one this house was owned by a dr james priestly back in the 1950s.

Doesn’t want to let go of his property there have been several reports of strange activity inside the house.

Things moving on their own and creepy sightings of a figure that looks a lot like a woman sitting on the porch.

Despite being the perfect house it has not had any offers from buyers due to these reasons.

#1 Schweppe Mansion

This huge mansion is spread over a staggering 21,000 square feet it has 12 bedrooms and a 400 foot long private beach.

It also has a very rich history having been the home to nobles and royals, such as the Duke of Windsor.

It was restored after being abandoned for almost 50 years and then was put on the market for a cool 18 million.

But this price has dropped by half over a period of 10 years. But it has still not been sold the reason is you guessed it.

Ghosts this dream mansion also appears to be haunted as there have been reports of sightings of ghosts walking in the hallways of the mansion.

It has not found any buyers to date because of this that’s all we got, for now, folks.

But before we go we want to know would you dare move into some of these scary haunted mansions let us know in the comments

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