10 Weapons & missiles That Can’t Be Stopped

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It’s no secret that the United States has the most powerful military in the world. Let us see 10-11 Weapons & missiles that can’t be stopped.

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That’s a given however there are some weapons possessed by both the United States Russia and China.

That are impossible to defend against or are they.

The most worrisome our hypersonic missiles, which can travel at speeds higher than Mach 5. That’s more than five times the speed of sound.

Yet not all hypersonic missiles are created equal and they come in two distinct varieties.

#1 Hypersonic cruise missiles

The first of these are known as hypersonic cruise missiles.

These are similar to existing cruise missiles but in addition to having a very long range due to their speed.

They can also often outpace modern ballistic missile defense systems

#2 Hypersonic Glide Weapons (Most Powerful Missile). As per the research

The second is known as hypersonic boost-glide weapons.

Which take the capabilities of the first variety one step further, this is because they use hypersonic glide vehicles.

These are a real game-changer because they can maneuver to avoid a ballistic defense system and due to their incredible speeds.

They are nearly unstoppable to put this speed into perspective.

While conventional ballistic missiles can travel at speeds of Mach 1 to Mach 5 hypersonic missiles.

Generally travel at speeds ranging from Mach 5 to a reported Mach 27, in other words.

They’re not exactly easy to intercept the United States military iterations of these weapons are definitely the most powerful.

#3 Advanced Hypersonic Weapon

Most notable renditions being developed is known as the advanced hypersonic weapon.

How the hypersonic boost-glide weapon uses boost-glide technology to propel warheads with conventional.

Rather than nuclear payloads yet that doesn’t make them any less impressive in 2011 a launch from Kauai Hawaii to the Marshall Islands.

Successfully struck a target located 2,300 miles away now a hypersonic missile, that is perhaps even more powerful than the haw.

It is the AGM 183 a coined as the super-duper missile by President Donald Trump.

The development of this weapon was announced by the President on May 15, 2020.

I call it the SuperDuper missile while we know very little about it what President Trump claims is that it can go 17 times faster than existing missiles.

In u.s. arsenal if this is true then the quick strike capabilities of this missile could be a real game-changer.

#4 Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle

When it comes to hypersonic glide weapons. The Falcon hypersonic technology vehicle.

Also known as the HTV – produced by Lockheed Martin is a maneuverable rocket launched aircraft that glides.

Through the Earth’s atmosphere at speeds up to Mach 20 equipped with numerous sensors to collect data.

While the vehicle is in hypersonic flight both the HTV-2 and 8hw are weapons, that are part of the Prompt Global Strike initiative.

These initiatives ultimate goal is to allow the United States to launch a conventional hypersonic strike against any target on the planet in less than one hour.

Such a defense system is necessary because as explained by general James Cartwright in 2010.

Unless you want to go nuclear the conventional military response time is measured in days maybe weeks.

Therefore, the ahw and HTV to give the United States the flexibility to react quickly to threats.

While not being forced to launch nuclear missiles, of course, the enemies of the United States while not as advanced technology-wise are not far behind.

#5 DF-ZF

China has been developing hypersonic boost Kalida weapons.

Since 2014 with the most notable being the DFC F capable of reaching speeds of Mach 10 and equipped with great maneuverability.

The Chinese claim that it cannot only carry both conventional and nuclear weapons.

But that it is precise enough to attack ships at sea in addition to the D from China has also launched the DF 17.

Which is yet another hypersonic boost-glide weapon with an estimated range of 1,100 to 1500 miles and maximum speeds of Mach 10.

It is yet another missile that would be near impossible to defend against.

#6 Avant-garde

However, Russia has been in on the action.

As well their most notable missile is a hypersonic boost-glide weapon known as the avant-garde.

It is comparable to the American ahw reaching speeds of up to Mach 20 and capable of sharp high-speed.

Evasive maneuvers its range is actually farther than that of the ahw reaching distances of at least 3,700 miles.

However Russia also has many smaller hypersonic cruise missiles as well. one of the most famous.

Which is being built as a joint project with India is the BrahMos 2.

Which will be expected to reach speeds of about Mach 7.

When it reaches operational capacity in 2025 there is also the 3 M 22 zircon a maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile.

Although its flight speeds of Mach 8 and a range of 620 miles is relatively low it is likely to be incorporated.

Into the Kirov class battlecruisers this will give the Russian Navy unprecedented power on the seas.

Yet battle cruisers are not the only military machine being fitted by the Russians with hypersonic weapons.

#7 KH 47 m2 Kinsel

The KH 47 m2 Kinsel is an air-launched ballistic missile.

Which sports more impressive speeds of Mach 10 to Mach 12 and has a range of 1,200 miles and this missile can be launched from MIG-31 fighter jets.

Giving it an incredible range these powerful missiles would be able to quite easily destroy.

Even a heavily defended American aircraft carrier. however, hypersonic missiles are not the only class of military weapons that are intended to be unstoppable.

#8 Nimitz class

The Nimitz class aircraft carrier is one such example the Nimitz program was initiated in 1975.

Since then ten nimitz-class carriers have been built these aircraft carriers are special, because they sport many truly impressive features.

The vessel itself is almost 1,100 feet long or in other words longer than 3 football fields.

It is powered by two westinghouse a4w nuclear reactors that turn four steam turbines and these carriers can travel at a speed of 30 knots.

Generate a massive 190 megawatts of power longevity-wise it can continuously run for about 20 years without a refuel.

It has a total service life of about 50 yet where it is most impressive is in its features.

While typically only holding 60 for its carrier wings can hold a total of about 130 f-18 Hornets and also features an advanced CATOBAR takeoff system.

This not only allows two planes to launch and land at the same time but has propellers and arrestor x’ that make the unloading and loading of heavy fighter jets easy and quick.

Additionally, it has a centralized control tower that features 14 different radars each of which performs tasks.

Such as flight control air defense and missile targeting as a final note although it’s rare for these carriers to engage.

The enemy directly they are well-armed in case the situation arises.

Specifically, they are equipped with a number of short-range defense mechanisms including several radar-guided.

Sea Sparrow missiles super rapid-firing radar directed autocannons.

As part of its close-in weapon systems and on two of the carrier’s rolling airframe missile x’ housed in 21 cell launchers.

Additionally, the carrier’s employ multiple electronic warfares and anti-torpedo systems to misdirect incoming munitions.

As a result, the Nimitz-class carriers truly are near unstoppable machines.

The cost for all this brute force comes in at eight point five billion dollars per carrier unsurprisingly.

The development of unstoppable weaponry has also been applied to tank warfare one of the most recent has been the m8 to 9a for advanced round made to be shot out of the 120 millimeter m256 main guns.

#9 The M1a2

The abrams m1a1 and m1a2 main battle tanks these rounds are one of the newest additions to the Abrams system.

Enhancement package although the details surrounding these rounds have been deemed classified information.

What we do know is that they are crafted out of depleted uranium.

Which is a byproduct of nuclear reactor fuel that is harder and denser than existing tungsten tip penetrators.

Accelerated to extremely high speeds these m8 to 9/8 four rounds can penetrate unprecedented amounts of armor and would almost certainly catch on fire and impact.

Greatly damaging the inside of an enemy tank interestingly they can also be used in many terrains.

As they are operational at temperatures ranging from negative 25 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

However at just over $10,000 per round they certainly aren’t cheap.

#10 virginia-class submarine

Yet this list would be incomplete if we did not mention the near unstoppable threat of the virginia-class submarine.

Which is the darling of the United States nuclear submarine program a three hundred seventy-seven foot submarine with a 34-tonne beam.

It has many features that are highly technologically advanced.

Which make it nearly unstoppable it’s unified a modular master system is the first of its kind combining several masks to help the sub sense.

Its surroundings navigate bodies of water communicated with home base and detect enemy communications and radar this unified modular mast is supported by the large aperture bow sonar array.

Which provides enhanced passive detection capabilities a fiber-optic sonar array, that provides sonar sensor input to the submarines combat system.

A conformal array high-frequency sonar that can detect ships as far away as 3,000 miles yet beyond its high-tech sensory systems.

Where this submarine really packs a punch is with its armaments onboard it has payload and bow tubes.

That can accommodate several Tomahawk cruise missiles and mark 48 advanced capability torpedoes, but what’s by far its most impressive feature is its Virginia payload module.

This is because this module can launch Global Strike hypersonic missiles from the submarine.

Considering, that these missiles will travel at speeds in the Mach 10 to Mach 20 range. It will be able to hit any target in the world in under an hour.

This summary is certainly a weapon that is not to be taken lightly as a final mention Ukraine is developing a missile.

That while not theoretically unstoppable would be very difficult for their Russian counterparts to shoot down developed by Ukrainian defense contractors.

#11 bliz kafka or lightning

You should know a the missile is known as the bliz Kafka or lightning.

It will reportedly be fitted onto Ukraine’s su-27 flanker and su-24m fencer combat aircraft and can travel at speeds of around Mach 3.5.

However, while that may not sound particularly impressive where this missile excels is in its capability to fly at low altitudes.

Much like a cruise missile, this is useful because missile detection systems work by line-of-sight making it easier for them to detect high-altitude weapons.

Much harder for them to detect a low altitude web in fact the detection abilities of the Russian ballistic missile defense systems.

So poor that the political cow will have to be within 26 miles of a detection system to be spotted.

As a result the system would only have about 30 seconds to detect and shoot down a passing bliss Kafka.

While this is not impossible it will inevitably force the Russian military to pour substantial amounts of money into building more missile.


Detection systems to neutralize this threat that’s all we have for you today folks tell us which of these technologies you believe is the most unstoppable.

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