All about Black Chana nutrition facts

Hey, guys welcome to Indian Square Times, Today we are going to talk about Black Chana nutrition facts and clear all your questions.

Black Channa has a lot of nutrition benefits such as it increases the muscles strength, Improves your digestion.

Black Chana nutrition facts

How much do we need per day? (Black Chana)

The clear answer is you need 50-70 grams per day is necessary for your body.

I know most of the people won’t have the weigh machine in you house so to have a clear idea of quantity you need.

You need to grab Chana as much your hand’s capacity so that is the amount you need per day.

This the right amount of chana you need per day.

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What is the amount of nutrients that I will get Per day?

If you go with 50-70 grams of Black chana a day. You will get approx-

  • 80-100 Calories
  • 8-10 Gram Protein
  • 8-10 grams Fibre
  • 200 Mg Pottasium
  • 100mg Sodium

What is the right time to have Black Chana?

Early morning when we get up our body is very hunger for food.

As we know our food get digested well when our stomach is empty. As Black Chana is a heavy diet.

Which means it takes a lot of time for digestion. So Morning time is the best for having chana.

For those who don’t like to have channa Morning time?

The best time for those who don’t love to eat chana morning, So at evening 4-5 pm time is the best time to have Black Chana .

What is the best way to consume Black chana?

Many people question that what is the right way to consume Black Chana, whether to have it Boiled, Soaked, Fried?

  • Soaked Black Chana

If you have soaked channa in the morning time you will have all the Nutrientsof of black chana as they are soaked.

But if you have digestion issue the have a good boil to the Channa in cooker.

  • Boiled Black Chan

Boiled chana is the best way to have. Because it is easy to digest.

And if you are having the black Chana’s evening, night then prefers to have it boiled that will be digested easily till your dinner.

  • Roasted Chana

TRosted is also a good way to consume Roasted chana.

Specially if you are addicted to junk food then roasted chana are the best.

As they are easily available at a Food market or you can see many vendors selling chana.

If you are busy in your schedule daily, While going you can grab a packet of Roasted Chana and having it while in your Busy schedule

Can we have Chana to lose weight? Important

Yes Black Chana will surely help you for fat reduction and weight loss.

It is best is you have it in the breakfast, But why Breakfast?

Here is the answer, The amount of fibre in chana is more than other sprouts .

Which results to a slow digestion which will make your stomach filled till you lunch.

Something Important>>

HAving chana with the outer cover is very good as the protien content is also more that 20% you are having it.

Nutrients content in Black Chana.

Having chana will make your body full of proteins and nutrients such nutrients as iron, folic acid, beta ceretein are also present in chana.


Here is all we talked about Black Chana nutrition facts. Hope this blog post helped in clearing you question. If not then you can try contacting me on my social media account or do comment down.

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