How to earn money from Google || Best 7 ways to earn passive income.

Google continues to dominate the search engine world.

Not only because people can try different ways to earn money from Google but because it has helped to make human life easy and simple.

No matter what age group you are, but if you use the internet on a smartphone. So you must have enjoyed not one but many free services of Google.

But do you know that, if you have a smartphone, and an internet facility is available in it?

So Google gives you many such platforms, through which you can earn money from Google.

But one cannot earn money from these platforms overnight, rather hard work is required to earn money from the platforms provided by Google.

If you are also interested in earning money from Google and want to know about these methods, then you must read this article of ours till the end.

But before we talk about these methods? Let us know what is Google after all?

what is google & How to earn money form it?

By the way, Google does not need any introduction at all. But still, such people who want to earn money from Google, from it.

Curious to know a little bit about it. Google is primarily known as a search engine.

And the reality is also here that Google is a major search engine, through which people can get answers to any of their doubts or questions within just a few seconds.

If we talk about the full form of GOOGLE, then its full form is “Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth”.

This search engine named Google was started in 1995 by two Ph.D. students of America Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Was studying at the University Stanford at the time.

At present, Google’s dominance in the search engine remains intact, as well as Google has many very popular and popular platforms.

These include mobile operating system Android, video-sharing website YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Play Store, Google Ad, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, etc.

how to earn money from google

First of all tie the knot that, earning money from Google also requires you to give hard work, strategy, and suitable time. Is.

Apart from this, those who have at least one smartphone and internet facility are available in it.

Only those people can think of earning money from Google. So let’s know what are such ways of earning.

1. Earn Money From YouTube

Somewhere you are not thinking that if you were talking about earning money from Google, then from where did this YouTube come in the middle.

If you are thinking like this, then let us tell you that YouTube is a platform given by Google.

In this video-sharing platform, people create and upload different types of videos, which are called YouTube Creators.

You also watch the videos uploaded by YouTube creators, we also watch and almost a large population of the world watch.

Do you know? Those who are YouTube creators can monetize their videos through advertising and affiliate marketing.

As far as ad monetization is concerned. This process can be completed through Google Adsense, a free tool provided by Google.

And the creator can paste their affiliate link in the description of the video while publishing the video.

If you are also thinking about earning money from Google, and you have any of the qualities of teaching, giving motivation, laughing, entertaining, etc. to people. So you can create your own YouTube channel.

2. Earn money by creating a free blog in Blogger

Do you like to think, imagine, research, and then write it, if yes then this method of earning money from Google can be very useful for you? is such a platform provided by Google to people for free, through which interested people can create their own blog very easily without spending a single rupee.

Through this platform, any person who does not have any knowledge of coding, etc.

Can easily create his own blog or website in just a few minutes. But if you are serious about earning money from Google by adopting this method.

Then you will have to publish some content in this blog continuously, keep in mind that the content is copy-pasted from a website, or does not violate copyright rules.

Any person will be able to earn money through a blogger only when the content published on his blog is his original content.

It may take a person months or even years to earn money from this platform.

When Google starts giving blogger’s content a place in its search engine, then gradually traffic will start coming to blogger’s blog.

After that, the interested person can earn money by publishing ads of Google Adsense or any other ad network on his blog and also through affiliate marketing.

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3. Earn Money With Google Adsense

By the way, Google Adsense is not a direct way to earn any money. That’s because to earn money from Google Adsense

You have to work not in Google Adsense but in other platforms like YouTube or blog.

Only then can you adopt this method of earning money from Google. When you have a blog or YouTube channel of your own.

Google Adsense is a free ad network provided by Google to publishers. In this, you can set up your website or YouTube channel

You can create ad units for them and place them on your website or channel.

And through this platform of Google, you can also see the details of your earnings, etc. money from google Adsense

In order to earn, it is very important for the person to have his own website, blog, or a strong consciousness.

4. Earn Money From Play Store By Creating Mobile App

Google Play Store is a platform from where Android users install various mobile apps on their smartphones.

This method of earning money from Google is quite effective in the present scenario.

Google Play Store may be from Google, but the applications available in it are from different companies, individuals, etc.

At present most smartphones are equipped with the Android operating system.

Therefore, the number of people using Android mobile is in crores. If you make your own mobile app and publish it in the Play Store.

Then your app can be expected to reach these crores of people.

However, there is a $25 fee to publish your app in the Google Play Store.

This is to be given only once, and after that one can publish any number of apps in the play store.

But when your app reaches the Play Store, the hope of reaching millions of people also increases.

In order to earn money from Google in this way, first of all, the interested person has to create a mobile app of his own and after that.

He has to promote it by publishing it in the play store. So that more and more people can install it on their smartphones.

Just as YouTube channels and blogs can be monetized through Google Adsense. Similarly, Android apps can be monetized through Google Admob.

5. Make Money With Google Ads

This is the way to earn money from google. It’s a little faster than the other methods mentioned above.

That is, by adopting this method, if you want, you can earn money even in a short time. But the methods mentioned above were all free-to-use methods.

But you cannot use Google Ad for free, rather you need to make some investment in it.

Initially, Google also gives credit for ad campaigns up to Rs.2000. So that the user can easily learn Google Ad.

You can use Google Ad to promote your affiliate link, promote a blog or sell any of your products or services.

When you create your ad in Google Ad, Google shows your ad in the search engines, YouTube, and publisher’s website.

You can then target the search engine. When you want to sell any of your products. You can also select YouTube ads etc. to promote a blog, channel, or any other digital property.

In this platform, you can define your audience in every way based on the geographical, their interest, buying ability, etc.

So that your conversion rate is high, and you can earn more and more from it.

Keep in mind that the more precise audience you determine, the higher will be the conversion rate, and the more profit you will get.

6. Another way to earn money from Google Admob

This way to earn money from Google is only and only for those who have their own mobile app.

Yes, through Admob, you can monetize your Android app, so that ads start showing in your Android app and you are earning something on every valid click.

If you have an Android app of your own and want to monetize it, you can do so through the official website of Google Admob.

Signing up and creating an account on this website is as easy as creating a Gmail ID or Facebook account.

7. Earn Money From Google With Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a platform founded and developed by Google that pays people for sharing their opinion.

In simple language, you can also call it a survey platform. Through this platform, you can earn money by completing various surveys.

But before giving paid serve, Google user gives a test serve. Which is extremely important to complete and pass to all new users.

That is to say that this method of earning money from Google will be successful only when you will be able to complete and pass the test survey.


Both the Google Opinion Rewards website and mobile app are available. If you want to complete the survey from your computer or laptop, you can visit its official website.

If you want to do it on mobile then you can download its app from the play store.

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