21 Amazing Facts about Human Body.

Let’s start with all the Amazing Facts about Human Body that make your Jaw fall Surely.

Fact #1 How Much Iron Is present in Human Body?

According to the Research, a normal Human body has iron from which a 3 inches Iron nail can be made.

Yes, That amazed me too!!

Fact #2 Why night-time productivity is more than daytime.

Yes, you heard it right that our brain is more active and can do more productive work at night.

There is not any kind of Specific reason for this but yes it is been observed by the Researchers.

So if you are looking to do a great project which requires great thinking then you can go at night time.

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Fact #3 Human Body Part which does not requires Blood

Corina of our eyes does not require Oxygen as the oxygen is obtained directly through the air directly

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Fact #4 Longest Bone in Human Body

The longest bone in the human body is the Femur which is our thigh bone.

Fact #5 Age of human hair

Scientists have researched and told that the average age of one hair is approx 2-3 years.

This means that you don’t need to worry about a blade headed till the age of 25.

Fact #6 Number of Nerves in Brain

The Human Brain has so many nerves that you will need approx 3000 years to count all of them.

Fact #7 Who’s Heartbeats more Men or Woman

The research tells us that the Females’ heart beats faster than men’s

That’s the reason why heart attack ratio is more in men than Women

Fact #8 How much liter a heart pumps blood in the whole life

In a Human Life, the Humans Heart pumps almost 182 million liters of Blood.

Fact #9 How much liters of Blood is present in the Human Body

In men, the blood amount is 6.8 liters and in women’s bodies, the amount of blood is 5 liters.

Fact #10 How many muscles are used to step on leg forward.

More than 200 muscles are required to only step forward for a human body

Fact #11 Strongest Muscles in the Human Body

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

Fact #12 Can a newborn baby see colors

The answer to this is that every newborn child is colorless

So due to which they can only see the white and black surrounding.

Fact #13 How many days a Human can survive without water and Food

Average Human can live up to 20 days without food but without water, he can only survive 3 days.

Fact #14 Human Teeth strongest than a Shark’s Teeth

Yes, that’s true the human teeth are stronger than a Shark’s teeth.

Fact #15 Every baby is a female in the mother’s womb

Yes till 15 days every baby is a female in the womb after that the changes in the body occur and males and females are defined.

Fact #16 Speed of our sneeze

The average speed of our sneeze is 147km/hr. while The speed of our cough is 80km/hr

Fact #17 Weakest Time of our body

At night when we are sleeping from 3 am to 4 am our body is at the weakest point. I don’t know why does this happens but the scientist says this the reason why most of the deaths taking at night between this 1 hour.

Fact #18 33% of our Life is spent Sleeping.

Yes, this unbelievable but it’s the truth. If you don’t agree as I am then you can calculate by using simple math.

Fact #20 Only 16 People in the world with the longest Age

Yes, You heard it right that only 16 people in the world have crossed by living more than 116 years.

Fact #21 Thing that you can’t do while Sneezing

You can’t keep your eyes open while you are sneezing.

If you think this isn’t true then you can try if you dare to. Because it is said that our eyes close automatically so that eyes don’t get out of the cornea.


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So here we come to the end with all the amazing facts about the Human body hope you loved these ones

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