16+ Facts you don’t know about the Taj Mahal Symbol of Love


Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders in the world. 90% of the Tourists don’t go without visiting the Taj Mahal. So let’s see what interesting facts about the Taj Mahal that you don’t Know.

 After seeing these Facts your Mind will be blown away. Our previous post- 9 Reasons why India is different as you think. Interesting facts about India.

Starting with the first fact taj mahal facts

Fact number #1

Did you know that the Main Entrance of the Taj Mahal is at the backside? Yes, you heard it right. The Back door was known as the Main entrance of the Taj Mahal.

Yamuna river used to flow beside the Taj Mahal so that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan would easily see and visit Mumtaz grave. 

Because of some changes in the river flow of Yamuna. The Main Entrance is changed!

Fact number #2

The world’s most historical and beautiful calligraphy is done on the Taj Mahal. As you enter you can see this beautiful calligraphy welcomes you.

The words and sentences were written by Abdul Haak. He was called from Iran to do the special Calligraphy.

Fact number #3

The Marble used was brought from Rajasthan. Grade and crystal were brought from China. Lapis Lazuli Brought from Afghanistan. Jasphire from Punjab, Saphire from Sri Lanka & Karnilian from Arab.

A total of 28 precious stones were brought. To bring these precious stones more than 1500 elephants were used.

People say that these stone were the favorite of her wife Mumtaz Begam

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Fact number #4

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan wants the Taj Mahal to be the most advanced built. So the architecture built it so unique that only a drop of rain falls between the actual grave.

Even today’s Modern science has not found how it was possible at that time. These Taj Mahal Facts have blown you mind

Fact number #5

Do you know how many floors do Taj has? You might say there are But no there are 7 Floors.

There are 3 floors underground and 4 floors at the top. So 3+4=7. The interesting fact is that no one is allowed to enter or go to the bottom-most floor.

Because scientists say that going there will make the building week in terms of Infrastructure.

Fact number #6

As the Yamuna river was flowing beside, so there was a risk of cause in the infrastructure. So to make it more secure more than 20 well were made and special woods and stones were filled.

The wood used in that was special because when these woods have contact with water. The woods would become stronger.

Fact number #7

Nobody knows who has designed it. Many people say that more than 37 architectures were called to make it.

Fact number #8

In 1857, Britisher looted the Taj. They took away precious stones like sapphire, Lapis Lazuli. They even took the top (Kalash).

The Kalash Was made of gold, after that it was replaced with copper metal.

Fact number # 9

It is said that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to make one more black colored Grave for himself. But before the architecture would start his son Aurangzeb arrested him.

But historically it is just an imaginary story.

Fact number #10

After the construction, Shah Jahan cut the hands of every worker. But this is not true, because after building. The workers were sent to Lal Kila for reconstruction.

Fact number #11

Qutub Minar is said to be the highest building in India which is 72.5 meters. But isn’t true because taj is a total of 73 Meters long in height.

Fact number #12

If you want to know the total price of the Taj Mahal, then some of the experts have predicted the making price and also time and also the current price.

So the making Price of Taj Mahal at that time was around 3.6 crore rupees and today the price is 57 Arab 37 crore rupees

Fact number #13

Did you know that there are hidden tunnels/rooms in the Taj Mahal? People say that when Shah used to win the battles then all the precious things are being kept there.

Or Some People say that there are some secret things that are related to the Taj Mahal. But these tunnels and rooms were closed after the death of Shah Jahan. And not even opened till now.

Because Indian Archeology Says that if they are opened there will be a disturbance in the in fracture.

Fact Number #14

During world war 2 Taj Mahal was Protected by the rods. So that any air Missile would not cause any harm to it.

Fact number #15

The color of the Taj Mahal changes, at sunrise the color turns yellow, and at Night due to the reflection of the moon the color changes to light blue.

Fact Number#16

The Pillar that we see around the Taj Mahal is not straight. While making them, they were made intentionally tilted outside.

The Reason Behind this is when an earthquake will take place the pillars will not cause any harm.


So these were the facts about the Taj Mahal, Hope you loved these Taj Mahal facts. Please share this post so that they would know about this too.

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