How to earn money with Meesho with 100% Passive Income.

If you are good or interested in online shopping or if you have friends. Who shop a lot. As you can earn a lot of money by buying goods for people. Let’s see how you can earn money from Meesho.

What is Meesho app and how to earn money from it.

Meesho app is an online product reselling app. Through this, you can earn money online without investment sitting at home. Also, you can buy products from it. This is an online e-commerce store only, you can earn money from this too.

In this, you have to resell the products already on the app.

It has got a rating of 4.4 on Google Playstore and so far it has been downloaded by more than crore people.

It is similar to other e-commerce sites. On which you can also buy products and earn money by selling its products. All you have to do is sell its products according to your margin so that you can earn a profit according to your own.
When and who made MEESHO?

Meesho was launched in 2015. Which was made by Vidit and Sanjeev Barnwal. Both of them were alumni of IIT Delhi. Meesho aims to 20 million by 2020

Successful entrepreneurs were to be produced.

How to earn money from MEESHO APP

You can earn money in three ways with the Meesho app. You have to do some hard work to earn money from it.


The first way is that you can earn money through ‘Refer and earn’ in this. All you have to do is to promote it by connecting a significant audience to the Meesho app. For this, you have to refer to the invite link of the app to your audience.

Whenever someone buys some goods by joining Meesho app from your link, then you will get some commission on it. Which is sent to your bank account in 7 days.

2. Earn money by selling the product on Meesho.

Another way is that you earn money by selling your own products by becoming Meesho Supplier on it. For which you have to create your supplier account on it. We will further explain how to create a supplier account on Meesho.


The third way is that you can earn money by selling the products of the Meesho app through your social media account. For this, we have to know how to sell or resell the product of the Meesho app.


To resell the product of the Meesho app, you have to choose a product and sell it to someone by increasing its money. The middle profit will be your earning.

Let’s understand it with an example.

• Suppose a product on the Meesho app is worth Rs.600. You share product photos with others through your social media accounts.

• Now if someone likes that product then he will want to buy from you. You tell him the price of the product with a delivery charge of Rs 700+70.

Now if someone likes that product then he will want to buy from you. You tell him the price of the product with a delivery charge of Rs 700+70.

• Now you have to open Meesho App. Select that product and click on Add to cart. Here you have to select Cash on Delivery in the payment and click on proceed.

• Now an Add margin page will open. In which you have to fill in the price at which you are selling that product to another. Like you have written 700 rupees in it. So a bill of Rs 770 will be generated with delivery charges.

After which you have to enter the address and phone number of the product buyer. 100 rupees earned on that product will be sent to your bank account 10 days after the order and delivery is completed.


It is very easy to register on the Meesho app. For this, in a few simple steps, your account will be ready. like 1. First of all, you have to download the Meesho app from Google Playstore. Firstly, you need to open the Meesho app.

2. Now you have to enter your mobile number here and click on Proceed. After which your mobile number will be automatically verified through OTP. 3. Now you can go to your profile and fill in your details. After which your Meesho account will be ready.

How is the product quality of the MEESHO APP?

So, as quality of the product on the Meesho app is the same as on other e-commerce apps. Because there are the same sellers on this too.

The only difference is that the products on Meesho are cheaper as compared to other e-commerce apps because they are sold directly on Meesho through Wholesaler.

At what margin is it okay to sell the product?

If you are going to earn money by selling the products of the Meesho app to someone else, then you have to keep the margin of the product a little less. So that the burden of price does not fall on the buyer and you can also earn profit.

If a customer gets satisfied with the product and its price, then he will definitely buy the product next time also. With this gradually your customers will also increase and profits will also be there.

What is the business model of MEESHO?

Absolutely, Meesho’s business model is easy to understand. For this, Meesho’s business model can be divided into four parts.


People who sell their products on Meesho. They are called sellers or Meesho Suppliers. On the other hand, people sell the product in large stock on Meesho and the original of the product Price does.


Meesho platform to sell or buy products and earn money to its users/sellers gives.

In which the first supplier sold the product at its original price. Therefore, a reseller gets the bill prepared through his Meesho account by adding his margin with the price of that product and delivers it to the buyer through Meesho. Later the same margin becomes profit for that reseller.


This is the second part of their business model. In which a user buys a product from Meesho. A Reseller is only a Meesho user. Which sells Meesho’s product on social media on its own margin.


These are the customers who buy Meesho’s product through a reseller or app user. These people buy the product at the price decided by the reseller. This includes the original price of the product, reseller’s margin, and delivery charges.


Firstly, to become a supplier on Meesho, you have to create your supplier account separately on it. Secondly, you will need some important documents.

• Required documents

GST Identification Number (GSTIN)

PAN Card

Bank Account Details

Now you have to follow the steps given below.

1. You have to open the link from your smartphone or computer’s web browser.

2. You are now on Meesho’s supplier page. Here you have to fill in some information. Such as business name, mobile number, email id, city name, category of the product, stock of the product and its price range, etc. have to be filled.

3. After filling in all this, you have to click on Register. Now your application form has been submitted. After which Seesho’s team will contact you and ask for other details.

4. After the verification is complete, your supplier account will be ready. After that, you can sell your products on it.


Link for Android

Link for iPhone


    Ans: In conclusion, Meesho does not sell any fake products as it is a trusted Indian Brand.

2. Is Meesho Indian App?
Ans: Absolutely Yes, Meesho is an Indian brand purposely made for women’s/ladies.

3. How do I get payout/withdraw money from Meesho?
Ans: You will get a monthly payout in the next 10th, 20th, or 30th of the month.

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