How to open a Stationery Shop business || Best profitable business.

How to open a Stationery Shop business

Opening a stationery shop not only in the whole of India but all over the world is a very profitable business. So let’s how you can start/open your stationery shop. Because its demand always remains in the market. 

The highest demand for stationery is in schools, colleges, and offices, which are never going to be closed. 

Meaning your business will always run and you will keep earning money. Just as copy-making business is very simple.

In the same way, it is good to open this business by staying at home.

To open a stationery shop, you will need some land or room, where you can set up your shop.

 The most important thing about this business is that you can easily open it even at home.

 For this, if you choose the room outside your house, then it will be very good for you.

 Or you can take land and build a shop with the help of wood in it.

 However, when you are thinking of opening a stationery shop on a very small scale.

Only then do the work of preparing the shop with the help of wood.

If you want, you can also make a room or shop for rent or you can also open this shop in the mall.

But here the rent may be more. Therefore, after seeing your budget, decide which option you want to choose.

You need a minimum of 400 square meters for that. In which you will be able to easily manage all the items of the stationery shop.

 If you want, you can also take more space according to the level of your business.

Selection of place according to market and business potential election of lace)

Talking about selecting the location. It will be very beneficial for you to open a shop near any office, school, college, or coaching center.

 Or it is beneficial to open a stationery shop in such areas where a large number of students live.

Installing Furniture (set up furniture for stationery shop)

To open a stationery shop, it is very important to arrange furniture. So there are two ways to either get your furniture prepared by a carpenter. Or buy pre-made furniture from the market.

 If the furniture of your choice is not available, then prepare the design yourself and give it to the carpenter to make it. 

On the other hand. If you have less time then buy readymade furniture from the market, you will get a lot of designs here too.

If you want to open a big and good level, then for this you can see the designs of the stationery shop at on the given link.

 Then set up your shop accordingly. Because of this, your shop will remain more attractive and organized.

 At the same time, if you want to order furniture online. Then you can also order it from Amazon, Quikr, and other online shopping portals.

What items can you sell ? ( Stationery Items List for Sale)

In the stationery shop, especially pens, books, notebooks, staplers, calculators, pencils and other useful articles are sold only.

 But nowadays people having stationery shop have started keeping greeting cards, wedding cards, and gift cards too. Simply put, in the stationery shop, you can also keep small things for people’s use.

Where to buy stationery shop goods ( Where to Buy Stationery Items)

The goods sold in the stationery shop can be bought both online and offline.

But keep in mind that if you directly contact the company that makes pens, pencils, books or other stationery items, then you can get a lot of benefits. 

Whereas, if you want to order stationery items sold online, you can contact the wholesaler by visiting

 The biggest advantage of buying directly from the wholesaler is that you can easily get stationery items at very low prices.

Documents required for the stationery Shop( Required Documents For Stationery Shop)

For this, you first need a PAN card and according to the new rules of the government, the owner of the shop will also have to have an Aadhar card.

 Along with this, you should have completed bank-related works like you should have an account in the bank.

If the land on which the shop is built is yours, then its documents should be completed, if you have taken the shop on rent.

Then it is necessary to have a letter of agreement between you and the owner of the shop or the land.

License and Registration Requirement (license for stationery Shop)

Shop and Establishment Act

  • To open a stationery shop, you have to register yourself under the ‘Shop and Establishment Act’ and follow the rules under this act. 
    In this, mainly working days. Holidays and working hours are fixed for you and your employees, not only this.
    Under this you will have to close your shop on religious and government holidays.
  • Whatever business you have done from your shop, you will have to keep the account of it safe with you.
     Not only this, whatever you have spent in the maintenance of your shop, or have invested some other money, then it is necessary to keep all this data safe.
  • In these rules, the rules for deduction in salary and salary have also been fixed.
     In these rules, along with all the rules related to the salary of those working in the shop.
    The rules for expulsion have also been given. These rules are fixed for both women and men.

How to Apply Online for the Shop and Establishment Act

  1. For its online application, you will have to fill some information and submit the form by visiting this link Name, address, and type of shop etc. have to be filled in these information.
  2. Apart from this, the website of your shop and who you are making manager and the name of one of your relatives will also have to be filled.
     Similarly, you have to fill 10 forms. In which all the information related to the shop and the rules of the Shop and Establishment Act given above are filled.
  3. When all the information filled by the shop owner will be confirmed. Then after 10 days the government will give you the license and with the help of this you will be able to run your business smoothly.
  4. If for some reason you face difficulty in applying for a license through the online process. Then you can directly contact the municipality, the government has made a process to give you this license through the offline process as well. 

Benefits of opening a Stationery Shop

The profit made in the stationery shop depends on the product, not only this, profit is also received according to the brand, name, and company of the product. 

If you sell branded products, then you will get less profit than unbranded products.

 Where you will be able to earn a maximum profit of 30-40 percent by selling a branded product.

While selling the unbranded products can earn up to 2 to 4 times profit.

It is easy to make profits up to 35 percent of the cost you put in doing this business in India.

 For example, in the business of pen and pencil, you get 8 to 15 percent profit. 

While you sell unbranded diaries, notebooks, books.

You can make a profit of up to 55 percent which is an average of 35 percent. 

To say this in simple language, you earn around 35 thousand by investing 1 lakh rupees.

Cost open a Stationery Shop in Hindi

It is right to invest at least 50 thousand rupees to open a stationery shop in India.

The rest depends on you how big a business you want to open.

 The business of opening a stationery shop is a more profitable business with less investment. You can also start on a large scale by investing above 10 lakhs.


  1. To set up your stationery shop in the market, you have to find customers. First you have to promote that you have opened a stationery shop. For this, you can use any of the posters, banners, TV and radio.
  2. Stationery items are most needed in offices, colleges and schools. So you try to visit their owners yourself and try to persuade their owners to buy items from your shop. If you are successful in doing this, then you will be able to earn a lot of money from here.

Management How (How to manage stationery shop)

  • First of all, you have to make a sheet of how and how many hours you have to work every day in your shop. 
    Which you can fill every day. Not only this, it would also be good to keep an account of how much business has been done in a day and which items have been sold in more or less quantity.
     By doing this you will know when there is going to be a shortage of stationery items and you will manage it in advance.
  • It is very important to determine the price of any stationery product you sell.
     You will not be able to sell branded goods at its maximum price.
    But you can also sell unbranded stationery products by increasing the price by 2 times or 3 times according to you.
     Which will have a direct effect on the profit of your shop.
  • In the next step, you have to prepare the means of payment i.e. to take money from the customer. For this, you can use NetBanking and Paytm so that the customer does not have any problem in making the payment.
  • If you do not want that you can prepare the details of your shop by yourself. Then you can take the help of any computer software available in the market. Or you can get software made according to your need from any company or software engineer.
  • It is necessary to install CCTV cameras in your shop. So that you can easily keep an eye on the employees and thieves. If you have opened a stationery shop in your own home, then there is no special need of CCTV camera.
  • You choose a separate room to Shop the items you buy for your shop. Due to which there will be no shortage of space in your shop and your employees will not have to face any problem in working. Due to which the work of your business will accelerate.


There is a lot of emphasis on education in India at this time and in the coming times also there will be an increase in the educational level.

 It is clear from this that you will continue to earn profit from this business and its demand also remains in the market. 

From above, the profit in the business of stationery is also very good. Running a stationery business or shop is beneficial in all respects.

 Above all, you can open a stationery shop in the least cost and can earn more profit in less time as soon as possible.

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