Start Banana Chips Business today within your home with min. Investment.

In today’s time, everyone wants to start their own business. Many people are like this. Then there is nothing wrong with starting Banana Chips Business.

 Those who think of doing part-time business. Everyone has the thought of earning money by doing something in life. But there are many people who do not have any information about what they should do for business, how much it will cost, due to which they are not able to start their business. 

For such people, our channel helps you. On this website, we will tell you about many small investment businesses. With whose information you can start a profitable business.

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Let’s Start How to Start Banana Chips Business.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about one such Business Opportunity. Which can give you a lot of benefits. You can earn more than the job in this business. Before knowing about the Banana Chips Business Opportunities business, I want to say that if you have a puzzle bar on this website, then you can read many of our business posts. And in this, if you do not want to miss the next post, then you must follow us.

In today’s post, I bring you a very important business from which you can earn one and a half lakh rupees per month. To know the complete information about this business, keep reading this post till the end because you are going to get a very good business opportunity. Today we are going to talk about Banana Chips Business. You must have seen that Banana is a food item in every season and everyone from Speak to young man eats it with great fervor and if we talk with that, then the process of making it is very easy. To start this business, how much investment will you take, how many machines will be required and how much profit can be made in it are.

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Banana Chips Market Status Banana Chips Market Research

If we talk about the market of Banana chips, then its market is very small, because of this, many big companies in this business are not yet in the world because it is a product that starts at low cost and becomes a more profitable business. 

But friends, if we talk about profit in this, then you can earn a lot of profit. Due to the absence of big companies, small and new businessmen can have a very big score in this business. If you are also searching for a similar low competition business then this post can be useful for you. Banana chips are also very beneficial for health.

 Because of this many people eat it with great fervor. Banana chips can also be eaten at the time of fast, because of this, those who are fast definitely consume it. If we talk about our country of India, then fasting people do it for 15 days a month. In such a situation, this business can prove to be very profitable for you.

Banana Chips Making Machine Banana Chips Making Machine

If we talk about today, there are many machines available for making banana chips and there are some such machines that make your entire plant ready in one machine. If we talk about the machine for making banana chips, then there is a fully automatic B machine in it. It also comes with a manual machine. You want to invest as much as you want. In this business, according to that, you have to buy machines, so today we know which machines are necessary for this business.

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1) Banana Washing Tank Banana Washing Tank

This time is used to make the bananas that you will bring well inhabited, for this you need to take a tank of size according to your product. If you want to wash it alone in high quantity then you will need a bigger tank and if you want to wash bananas in low quantity then you may need a smaller tank.  the price of this tank, then you will get it up to 20000 in the market. If you want to buy it, you can check the description below.

2) Banana Peeling Machine

Using this machine, you can remove banana peels. In this, if you do business of this in more quantity, then only you can take it. In this way, it is not a very easy task of sports by hand, that too from raw bananas. For this, by using this machine, you can increase the speed of your work. For this reason, this machine is required. If you talk about the market price of this machine, then you can buy it both online and offline. That today if we talk about the market price, then this machine can be available up to 30000. Check below to buy this machine.

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3) Banana Chips Making Machine

By using this machine, you can cut it and after cutting it is dried and made from it. This machine is also operated by an automatic machine or you can also do it with a manual machine. Banana is put in it from the top and it is removed from the other side like ready chips. With this machine, your work is quick and fast. If you talk about this machine, then if you want to take a small machine, then you get it in 25 to 30,000. You will find the gender of this machine below.

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4) Banana chips fryer machine banana chips fryer

Using this machine you can fray banana chips. In this, you get many types of trains, small and big, you can buy them according to your requirement. You can buy it both online and offline. Its price is available in 3500 rupees.

5) Packing machine

You can use this machine for packing. For this, you need this machine. It is used to sell your products. The more you decorate your product, the more you can earn a good profit.

6) Mixing Machine

Using this machine, you can mix chips and spices, and salt with a mixer. For this machine is used.

7) Pouch Printing Machine

You can print in your pocket with this machine.


To start this business, you need a raw banana, spices, salt, edible oil. Chips are made using these things.

Profit in Banana Chips Business Banana Chips Business Profit

Before you start any business, one question comes to everyone’s mind, Is Banana Chips Business Profitable? If you have this question in your mind, we will answer it.

Today we will know about profit margin. To know how much is the profit in the business of making chips, you know how much it will cost you after making 100 kg of chips and how much you will profit from it.

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If you want to make 100 kg of chips, then you will need 250 kg of raw bananas for this. The price of 250 kg crude kg will be Rs 2500, the oil will also be needed. In this, you will need 25 to 30 liters of oil.

 In today’s time, if we talk about oil, then 90 to 100 rupees per kg of oil are sold. Accordingly, the oil will cost you ₹ 2500. If you used 10 to 15 liters of oil for Mughalsarai, then the oil is available in 80 to ₹ 90 i.e. you will get 1000 rupees for 1 day. 

And with that, if the cost of salt and spices is caught at ₹ 300, then if you have to make chips for a total of 100 kg, then its cost is ₹ 70 if you talk about making 1 kg of chips. If you talk about the market, then if you sell 1 kg pocket in dead so rupees, then you earn a profit of ₹ 50 behind the kilo. So if you send 100 kg of goods in 1 day, you can earn ₹ 5000. If you sell the same goods in a month, you send Huh. One can earn 1.5 lakh rupees in a full month.

How will the marketing of chips business

We have done business but the most important thing is marketing to sell the product. If your marketing plan is good then you can also send stones. You need to have very good skills to learn it. You can also sell it for this by going to your nearby area. For this, it is necessary that you have to have a team of salesmen who can sell it by going to your area. 

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If you talk with the same, then you can also give it to people in wholesale to sell. You can also put up banners in your area. So where you want to set up such a shop, it is necessary to have a crowd. You can also sell papad by setting up a small stall. With the same, you can also send it from house to house. You can market your shops that too online. If you want to teach business, then Facebook can promote your product thereby creating your account on such social media. to more people

Creating Space Requirement for Chips Business

To start this business, you need a lot of machines, so you also need space for packaging and at the same time, you need a lot of such space for marketing it and for production. So if you want to start this business, then you need 4 to 5000 airport space. For this, you will need a place to keep your machine in this place for packaging along it, along with it, you will need a place to sit in the Purchasing Department Office Staff. By using this place you can start this business very easily.

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I hope you have come to know about a good business by reading this post and this post will be of great help to you in starting it.

 Do tell in the comment how you will take this post and what else you want to know about this business, definitely tell in the comment we will definitely help you. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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