How to start Spices Business at home | Small scale business idea.

People in our country are very interested in cooking and eating delicious food. So the most important ingredient is the spice we are using.

As spices are in high demand therefore you can start Spices business at your home.

But if we do not add the spices studied in any delicious dish. Then we will not be able to get its real taste. 

Therefore, before making any delicious dish, the spices used in it have to be collected first.

 If we start the homemade spices by staying at our home. Then the chances of getting good profits with low cost in such business increase greatly.

 Today, through this article, we will tell you, how you can earn profits by starting the homemade spices business is very easy.

Raw Material and Price for making spices at home

To start the business of spices at home, you will need some raw spices. Whose price and day have been described in this way.

  • Dried turmeric – Rs 145 per kg
  • Black pepper – Rs 500 per kg
  • Dry chilli – Rs 130 per kg
  • Cumin – Rs 200 per kg
  • Coriander – Rs 150 per kg

Machinery for starting homemade spices business

To start a spice business at home, you will also need some main machinery. Which we have described in this way.

  • Cleaner: Through this device, we can clean the waste inside the raw material used in spices.
  • Dryer: With the help of this device, spices can be dried.
  • Grinding: With the help of this machine, you can grind more spices in less time.
  • Power Grinder: It is a device which works to separate the powder of fine and coarse spices.
  • Bag Sealing Machine: With the help of this machine, we can easily pack our readymade spices and bring them to the market.

Machinery Price for making Homemade Spices

The cost of all types of machinery used in this business can be around Rs 4 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. This is the cost you actually incur in starting this business.
Where to buy: – You can get all the machinery for making spices by ordering in the wholesale or online form.

Homemade Spices Process

Collect the Right Ingridents

To make masala at home, first, you need to collect the ingredients needed in it.

Drying Process

Now clean all your raw material thoroughly and dry it in the sun.

Grinding Process

  • Grind all the ingredients of your spices into a fine powder with the help of a mortar.

Mix the Ingredients

  • Now mix all your raw materials together and do packaging. After doing this, your masala is ready to be sold.

Cost for home spice business

  • If you do not buy any kind of machinery for making spices, then you do not invest much. 

How to manage money in this Business

You may have to invest only in the purchase of ingredients used to make spices.

For this, you will have to invest from 20 thousand to 30 thousand rupees only.

 Apart from this, you can also make some investments to get registered in the business.

 If you want, by spending a little in the packaging of your spice. You can get it ready for sale in the market by giving it a better brand and attractive appearance.

Location for home spice business

Those who want to start the spice business from their home, then they will not need a more spacious and special place to start this business. 

You will just need enough space that your spices can be easily dried and everything can be easily done in such a large area. 

Overall, you need a bus of 120 to 150 square meters.

How to pack Spices Packaging

You can pay special attention to the packaging of your spices and give it a brand look.

 If you want, you can use plastic boxes of different sizes available in the market by putting stickers of your branding on them. 

In this way, your spices will get a different identity and they will become popular in the market with your brand.

Marketing of home spices business

If any type of business, small or big, is to be successful, then marketing it is very important.

 If you want to market your spice business, then you can also start it through your nearest grocery store. 

Apart from this, if you want, you can get your spice business marketed by contacting any spice company or any spice wholesaler.

 By using all these methods and some of your brain. You can also market your business, which will make it a success.

Start Registration of spice business

This type of business comes under the food business, so you have to get registered under your nearest firm, industry, or MSME. You need to get special registration on the purity of your spices and you can get an FSSAI license by contacting your nearest food department and start your business easily.

You can very easily make this business as a long business and long term business and earn good profit and that too in very less cost.

How to sell Spices fast in great profit.

By opening a Shop should be a 2 option for you but if you want to make it more profitable and fast-growing you need to contract with the hotels, cafes, Dabbas, etc.

The best technique that you can use to make a deal with them is the low price with good quality you are providing them in great quantity. You can provide them in wholesale price due to which the sales will be more than the shop in the market.

The other best way is, you can approach the newly opened or opening hotels/cafes/fast food center from which the chances of getting the deal is more.

Show them you deal with good quality and you can have a j curve in the spices business.

Providing direct supply to hotels will give you approx 40-50 thousand rupees. so if you increase the dealership with the hotels and food centers the amount will be more than 5-6 lakhs.


Q: Can we start a home spices business in both urban or rural areas also?
Ans:- Yes, you can do this business anywhere.

Q: How much will it cost to start a home spice business?
Ans: – In the business of home spices, you will need 30 thousand rupees to 40 thousand rupees.

Q: Do we need to register for the home spice business?
Ans:- Yes, we need to have the registration done.

Q: Can we earn a good profit by starting a home spices business?
Ans:- Yes, in today’s time you can earn good profit by doing this business.

Q: Do we need any educational qualifications to start a home spices business?
Ans:- Absolutely no educational qualification is required to start this business.

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