How to Start Soap Making Business From Low Investment At Home.

In today’s time, if there is anything most and most necessary in the house, then you must know that soap is there. So Starting a soap Making/Manufacturing Business is a Good Idea with Small Investment.

That soap can be of many types. Some soaps are also used for clothes. Some for bathing and some for cleaning. If anyone can earn the most profit among all these soaps, then it is bath soap. 

There are many companies that make it. Some of that company is earning a good profit by selling it at a very expensive price. 

This company which is popular in the market, that company takes a lot of money from us. Today you will know how the company that makes us 100 to 150 rupees takes money from us. You will know how much it costs to make soap.

If you are also thinking of doing soap-making business, then in today’s post we are going to tell you.

 How can we start soap making business at a low cost? In this post, we are going to give you all the information about soap making business.

 How much will be the cost in this business, how it is processed, how to do marketing, what raw material is available to him? We are going to give you information about all these things in this video. So stay connected with us.

soap making process soap making process .

The process of making soap is the easiest. To do this we need Some Raw Materials too. We know where those things are from and what are those things. I Will go further but before that know about its process.

  • First of all, in this post we will know how to make 100 kg soap. For this, we have to put 100 kg of noodles in the mixer machine.
  • We get Fine Pieces in this process.
  • After that stone powder is mixed in it. In 100 kg noodles, 3 to 4 kg stone powder has to be mixed.
  • In this, noodles and stone powder are mixed well. After that this mixture is put in the miller machine.
  • The mixed material is finely milled in the miller machine. With this you can make your product better.
  • After that one liter of water is mixed in it. Then after that 1000 soaps are made by mixing it well. Only after that mixture becomes a little thick, we can make soap from it. After adding the desired color to that mixture, the perfumed is used for good smell.
  • It is then put into the printing machine.
  • After being printed, it is packed and kept in the box. And it is prepared to sell in the market.
  • This is the process for making soap.

Materials Required for Making Soap Equipment for Soap Making Business .

It is very important to know about the things which are needed to make soap. Without it, we cannot make soap. For this, we will know about what things and where you get them.

  • Soap noodles are used to make a sofa made from palm oil and coconut oil.
  • stone powder
  • variegated colors
  • perfume fragrance
  • packing material
  • plastic bag

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Soap making raw material and price

Noodles play a major role in the raw material of soap making, so you can buy them cheaply. Its market price is around 60 to 70 rupees.

You can check it by visiting India Mart and Amazon’s website is given below.

India Mart

The price of stone powder in its market is around 20 to 50 rupees per kg. You can buy it online or offline.

Click below to buy from India Mart site

color for soap

You can buy it for around Rs 500.

see below to buy


It gets you Rs 450 per liter.

buy it from here

Machine for making toilet soap Machine For Soap Making Business

You will need a variety of machines to make soap. Its machine comes according to its use. Below everyone can know about the machine.

  • Mixing Machine It is used to mix the ingredients for making soap. Its price comes from 1 lakh to 1.5 in the market. According to the bigger hopper you have in it, its cost may be more. Check the link below.

The grinding of the material is done by Miller Machine.

Its price will also come up to 1 lakh. Check the link below.

soap milling machine

A printing machine is used for printing its soap. Its marketing price comes around 50 thousand rupees.

check below

Soap Making Business Investment .

The complete setup for making soap gets you up to Rs 3 lakh. In this, you will get the machine, raw material and packing material, and printing machine.

How to pack bath soap Soap Packing Material

After the process of making soap, the process of selling it has a very important place. What you see is sold. Accordingly, you will find it attractive to win the packing of the mall. The faster your business will grow. At the time of packing, you can also print your brand on it. You have to pack to win.

Business License for Soap Making Business

You get its license from the business department of the municipality. Along with that, you also need a pollution certificate. 

Along with this, a GST license is also required. You also need a brand license. If you make your own brand and sell it in the market. If you have all the licenses then you will not face any problem with IT RETURN.

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You can contact any CA for its license. Or if you can apply yourself.

Marketing of Bathing Soap Making Business Soap Making Business For Sell

For its marketing, you have to find such people who already do this work. They have to give you their mall at wholesale price. Either you can go to the big grocery stores of the city and sell them in bulk. You can have a good sale in this.


You can earn a lot of profit in the business of making bath soap. It takes a lot of work to make it. By doing this, a very good earning is nailed in it. With this business you can earn 5000 rupees per day very comfortably.

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