19+ facts that you don’t know about India. Interesting Facts about India.

India is the most beautiful country as there is a culture of love, care & respect. If you have a travel tour to India it will be a value-for-money tour for you. Let’s see the Interesting facts that you don’t know about India.

Full form of India

Did you know the full form of India? Known as the Independent Nation Declared In August.

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As India gained independence in August 1947. This full form is not officially declared but many of the people were unaware of this.

Highest Combactt Zone in the World

The world’s highest Combactt zone of the world named Siachin. Where India and Pakistan share their borders, the Height is about 5,700 meters above the sea level.

Most English Speaking people.

there is no doubt that Hindi is the national Language of India But When it comes to English Speaking People India is leading the world.

As there are 125 million people who can speak English in India. where there 10% of the English speaking people are in India.

Nation of the Gold.

India is the Leading the World with gold, In a survey. It is seen that the Indian Women has Such amount of gold that even Most of the countries don’t have.

In research, it is found that 11% of the gold is with the Indian Women itself.

Which is more than the countries like Switzerland, Canada, and even the International Monetary Fund.

Most of the people love to wear gold and in India Wearing Gold is a ritual.

India’s First Rocket Launch.

I think you are not aware of the first rocket launch of India. But you must know that the First rocket Launch was done by using the cycle.

Yes, you heard it right that the rocket was so light that it was very easy to carry the rocket parts with the help of the rocket.

The rocket was launched in by ISRO in kerala.

Worlds Longest Cave

It is true that the world’s longest cave is in India.it is located in Meghalaya, India. Krempuri Is the world’s longest Sand cave, you will not believe but the total length of this cave is 24,000 meters. That’s INSANE!!!

You will be shoked that 9 out of 10 caves in India are in Meghalaya.

Worlds biggest tree

Then Comes the tree, the only tree in the world with 1100 branches, 2.1 hectares broad, and 550 years old tree is in Andra Pradesh India.

Worlds most rainy Place

Don’t be shocked but it is true that Meghalaya, India is the only place that receives the most rain.

It rain more than 457 inches. So much that the people prefer to wear an umbrella that covers the Hole body.

Most Insane Place.

Every Indian has the dream to visit Laddhak as this place can even beat heaven I am Talking about the magnetic hills in Laddhak.

As this place name defines that the magnetic field in this road is so wearied that your car pulls upward by the magnetic field you can see a short youtube video too.

The Human Calculator.

I am Talking about Shakuntala Devi.

Shakuntala is denoted all over the world. She has many records like solving the 13 digit multiplication in just 28 seconds in London.

She has a world record registered on the Guinness book of World record too.

Worlds Biggest School

Yes, you guessed it right that India Has the Biggest School.

City Montessori School is the school in Lucknow with over 45,000 Student can study.

Biggest Stadium in the World

India has the Biggest stadium in Ahemdabad. The total cost of this stadium is more than 700 crore INR.

This stadium can have more than 1,00,000 people can sit and enjoy the show.

Statue of Unity

India Holds the record for the biggest and the tallest statue in the world named Statue of Unity.

This statue is of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and 240 meters Tall. It is the most recommendation from me to visit this Place.

More than 780 Languages

India Has more than 780 language this because India is the only country with so many religions, Culture and People.

But when in an official count it just 22 languages.

This might be a Interesting facts about India

Food of India.

India Has the most variety of dishes at the cheapest cost.

Like if you order a pate with chicken, fish with the hole meal menu it will only cost you less than 10$

And trust me the Food that you eat here is super amazing and unique as you don’t get these thing anywhere else.

Spices of India

When it comes to the taste of the food, keep it for India, Because 80% of the Spices are produced in India.

Biggest Regional Event.

Here is the World biggest event known as Kumbh Mela in Allahabad.

More than 120 million people were reported in 2013 with 30 million walking people a day.

I recommend you to visit this event So that you will be also be a part of the most gathered Event.

And do you know that the Kumbh mela can be also seen through the Satellite.

First Train Hospital

Yes I know that you are confused, Let me clear it out. Life line Express is the only train that has all the medical Facilities.

From general medical check-up to the Operational centers. which handles all type of disease.

Busiest Airport in the world.

India also has the busiest airport in the world, known as the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Mumbai.

The airport has the record of 940 flights in 24 hours.

The Cash Less city.

Karang is the only village in the world that has moved totally to cashless this is because of the Initiative by the Government of India.

I think that this was an Interesting Facts about India.

The Man who Created a forest.

Have you heared about Jhadav Paeng He is the man who made a forest

When He was 16 years old he started planting trees near the Bhramaputra river.

Here is more shocking info for you that tigers and even lions live inside this Forest. All these animals are a friend of Jadhav.

So to these were all the Interesting Facts about India. I know that these may be a shock for you. Plz comment down which of them was the most and unknown fact that you loved About India.

Thanks for your Time.

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