Best Successful low investment business idea in India

Top Best Successful Business Ideas with Low Investment in India.

Thinking of starting a business but also thinking about the investment the here is all the answers and the solution to the best low investment business ideas

There are many people who do not want to do a job and want to do their own business, this time is very good for them. However, starting a startup is not easy as it requires a lot of money. 

And it is not easy for a common man to raise so much money.

 But you do not need to be disappointed because there are many businesses that can be started with initial investment only with the savings made by a person.

 Here in this article, we are giving you information about the business to be started with less than 20 thousand rupees investment. So stay with this article at the end.

  • Business of making incense sticks: – While worshiping God, many things are required, such as camphor, turmeric, sandalwood, rice, matches, defense threads, etc., and many more. One thing and which is useful in all these items of worship is incense sticks, without which the worship is incomplete. This is the reason that there is a lot of demand for it in the market by the people. In such a situation, if you start a business of making incense sticks, then it can help you earn. In this, you have to spend very little money. And the profit is greater.

  • Candle-making business: –  When the light goes out in the house. It becomes dark, so the first thing that is needed is a candle. People keep it in their houses. You can start a candle-making business in just 10 thousand rupees. You can make a lot of profit from this.   

Business of making handmade products: –  You start much business even with low investment by staying at home. In that, we talk about hand-made goods like mango papad making business, painting or embroidery business in clothes, art and craft business, etc. Many other business opportunities are open for you. You can launch any of these businesses by spending some money. These few paise can be any number between 5 to 10 thousand. If people like your work, then with this you will be able to earn thousands of rupees sitting at home.

Tutorial classes: –  Apart from selling handmade products or goods, you can also organize classes for it. Nowadays people like art and craft, painting and many such things very much and they are also interested in learning it. In such a situation, you can start tutorial classes for them. Apart from this, if you are a master in any subject, then you can earn money by teaching that subject to the students and opening your own coaching center. In all these, you may have to invest 5 to 10 thousand rupees in the beginning. But as more people start coming to your classes, then you will get profit.

  • Coffee shop business:-   Earning through coffee shop business can prove to be a very good opportunity to earn money. Because people like coffee very much, so they demand it more. If you start this business, then you have to invest only up to 20 thousand rupees in it in the beginning. After that this business can take you towards profit.
  • Business of making paper bags:- It has been decided to ban it all over the world to prevent the pollution caused by hazardous elements like polythene. In such a situation, it comes to what people should use instead. So in such a situation, the business of making paper bags is a very good option. And if you know how to make it, then you will have to spend only 10 to 20 thousand rupees, and selling it by making it in large quantity increases the chances of earning a lot of money. For this, if you install machinery, then more investment may be required than this, but after that, it can also benefit.
  • Handmade jewelry making business: –  If you have a passion for making different types of beautiful jewelry, then you can also do business with it. Yes, you can make and sell your various designs to people and earn money from them. You may have to invest up to 10 thousand rupees for the things you will need to make jewelry. But then after that, you also get thousands of rupees per month.

  • Mug Printing Business:  You know that people give gifts to someone on their birthday or anniversary. At that time only one question arises in their mind that what gift they should give to them, then we are going to give you an ideas related to it, that is the mug printing business of gift-giving. In this, it costs 10 to 20 thousand rupees to buy some equipment used to print photos. After that, you can start this business and earn a profit.

  • Tiles, Cushion, or Plate Printing Business:-  People do many things to make their home stylish. One of them is to make certain things like tiles, cushions, or plates look attractive by printing them. If you know how to do this. Then what is the matter,   you can start the business of tiles, cushion or plate printing with an investment of only 10 thousand rupees. And it can help you to earn thousands of rupees per month.

  • Decorating business: –  People are very fond of decorating their house. That’s why they decorate their house with different things. If you are very fond of decorating, then you can start a decoration business. But for this the most important thing is your creative mind. In which you have to please people by following different ideas of decoration. In this also you need to invest 10 to 15 thousand rupees. Due to which you get a lot of profit.

  • Mobile Recharge Shop: –  Nowadays it has become impossible for people to go anywhere without a mobile. Because people have to talk to a person living somewhere else, they have to send messages, apart from running the internet. People use mobile for all these things. In such a situation, they go to the mobile recharge shop to recharge their mobile as well as get the internet pack inserted. Now the more people use the mobile, the more they will need to recharge it. So you can recharge their mobile and take money from them. It can be of much more benefit than this. Similarly, money can be earned by starting a mobile tempered glass-making business and a mobile back cover printing business with low investment business ideas.

  • Digital Marketing:-  One of the most demanded services is digital marketing, which opens doors for various business and employment opportunities. If you are interested in online marketing and creative designing, then this is the field you are looking for. All you need is a laptop or computer to work and a smartphone with an internet connection to sync with your customers.

  • Fruit juice making business: –  This business is very beneficial in the summer season. Because in this season people are advised to eat fruits, juices, and vegetables. So that they can keep themselves fresh. Therefore, you can start the business of selling fruit juice, especially sugarcane juice, in retail by investing only 10 thousand rupees. And you will get thousands of rupees per month as profit.

  • Tailoring Business:- The business of tailoring clothes can be a very good business. From which 40 – 50 thousand rupees can be earned per month. In this, you may have to invest only more than 20 to 25 thousand rupees, mostly it costs to buy a machine. But once you buy the machine, you do not have to make any kind of investment. Yes, once you invest in this business, you get thousands of rupees without investment.

  • Event Organizing:-  Nowadays people resort to event organizers to organize big or small events. If you are expert in this work, then you can open your own event management company by making some investment. And can take orders to organize various events. In this business, the beneficiary gets a lot of profit. Because in this also you will have to make some investment to open the company. But then after that, it benefits you a lot. Because with this you can earn up to 50 thousand rupees.

  • Wedding Consultants: –  People need different ideas to do their marriage in a completely different way. In such a situation, they go to Wedding Consultants. And take different ideas from them. If you have many creative ideas related to this, then you too can make it a means of earning a lot of money by doing business with it. You need to invest very little in this. U say you just have to invest to open a company.

  • Food Delivery Service: –  If a person has about 15 thousand rupees, then a food delivery service is a great business idea for him. Because nowadays, instead of going to the customers themselves to get the food, they themselves order the food at their table. In such a situation, they are helped by the food delivery company. Necessary skills, sales, and management are necessary to run this business smoothly. This business has a break-even period of at least two months, and it can provide you a profit of up to 20 percent.

  • Uniform making business: –  If a person wants to start a business with 20 thousand rupees, then he can start the business of making uniforms. Uniform can be of any field like school, college, hospital even nowadays the owners of various companies also keep the uniform code for their employees. In such a situation, you can set up a uniform manufacturing company and sell clothes at convenient prices. In this, you should know skill and management. It may take you 1 – 2 years, in the beginning, to get profit from this. But after becoming a customer, it will become beneficial for you.

  • Ice Cream Parlor Business:-  You can start an ice cream parlor business by investing only 10 thousand. This business can prove to be beneficial for you in summer because people like to eat ice cream in summer.

  • Business of making designer buttons: –  If you know how to make some old buttons attractive by giving them a new look, then this business is for you. You need very little investment in this, about 5 to 10 thousand rupees. And you can earn thousands of rupees by starting a business by creating new buttons.

  • Designer Lace:-  Lace is commonly used in garments and craftwork. This is a traditional way of doing business which you can easily start from home. Today with the emerging fashion trends the demand for different types of laces has increased. Lace is also exported to various countries. In such a situation, this small business unit can become a very good way for you to earn money. You can make different types of designer laces and sell them in the market. By which you will get a lot of profit.

  • Chocolates made at home: –  People are very interested in making chocolates of different tastes and decorations at home. In such a situation, people who are older or children, everyone likes to buy it. If you start the business of making delicious and attractive chocolates with your one-time investment of some 10 to 15 thousand rupees, then after that you can earn 5 thousand or more rupees per month from it.

  • Business of making cotton buds: – The business of making cotton buds can be started with low investment. It is a product that is mostly used to clean earwax and even make-up etc. Therefore, its demand is high in these areas. Machinery is required to be installed for doing this business. If you want, you can start it even without a machine. For this, you may need to spend 10 to 20 thousand rupees in the beginning. After this, you get a chance to earn 50 thousand rupees per month from it.

  • Business of making jute bags: –  After the closure of plastic bags, jute bags have emerged as a very good option, whose business is proving to be quite artisanal, because after the ban on plastic bags among people, bags made of cloth, paper, and jute. The demand for using is increasing. You can start a business of making jute bags of different sizes. In which you have to invest only 15 thousand rupees.

  • Photography:-  If you are fond of photography and you want to earn money by doing this work professionally, then you have to make some investment in getting a high-quality camera. After this, you can show your samples to people by doing photography and then open your own company and you can start this business by taking orders from people. There are many ways to earn profit in this field. So you must do it.

  • Street Side Book Stall:-  Some people love to read books. 
  • Whether it is a joke or a novel written by a particular author. You can buy different copies of all these books in bulk and sell them in retail and earn a profit. In this, you just have to invest to buy the book. 

  • Tea Stall:-  We live in a country where 90 to 95 percent of the people are fond of drinking tea. For this, they also go outside to have tea in the tea stall. Therefore, you fulfill the hobby of people by starting a tea stall, and this opens up opportunities for you to earn a lot of profit. Nowadays people are using tea leaves a lot. In such a  situation,  starting a business of making tea leaves can also be very beneficial.

  • Fashion Designing: –  If you also have the skill of doing fashion designing and you design clothes in such a way that people become your fan.

Then by starting a small company, the business of fashion designing can be started. In this, you can include making attractive videos to garner your customers. and can earn money.

Online Fitness Instructor: –  While there is a competition to stay fit in the world, on the other hand, everyone does not have time to go to the gym or join any fitness classes.

 But if they hire a fitness instructor. So with this, the fitness instructor helps them a lot to get them in the right shape. In return, he also demands some money from them.

 In such a situation, you can earn by becoming a fitness instructor and giving tips to people.

 Apart from this, if you want,  you can also start an online gym fitness center by doing it online.

Tiffin Service:-  As it is said that venturing into the food industry is almost always a profitable move.

 Today, crores of working professionals have to make tiffin for themselves, because they do not have enough time to make something for themselves at home.

 So this business can become a very good way for you to earn. In this, you have to invest only 6 to 8 thousand rupees in the beginning.

 After that, it can benefit you. The fast-food business also runs a lot in India. You can also start this with low investment and earn good profit. 

So in this way, all these low investment business ideas can prove to be a more profitable business for you with low investment. 

Let us tell you that when you start any business, in the beginning, you have to take a little risk.

 But then later it also gives a lot of benefits. So when you start a business don’t be afraid to invest in it and get profit.

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