Eco-friendly Pottery Making Business Idea for Youngsters

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You must have heard that time changes a person’s thinking. A similar change is seen in the utensils. Where earlier people liked to cook and eat in earthenware. 

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But nowadays most people prefer to use plastic utensils. Due to which the trade of pottery is decreasing. But there are some people even today who consider it good to use earthen utensils and keep a distance from plastic. Because plastic pollutes our environment. 

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Therefore, if you are thinking about increasing your business, then clay pots will prove to be very beneficial for you.

How to start a business of making pottery

The business of making pottery is a very profitable business, you can start it by reading the following points and following them.

Market Research of Pottery

Clay pots are such that you can use them anytime. Therefore, now the demand for pottery is increasing in the markets. 

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There are always customers on the pottery makers, be it at festivals or other days. Because people are liking to cook and eat in it. Some people make different types of dishes in it, while some people add curd etc. to it. Due to this the taste of the food increases even more.

How to start making pottery

If you want to start a pottery business, then for this you should know the art of making pottery. For this, you can also do a course in pottery making, but if you want that the business can go on without learning the art, then you can also do this.

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 All you have to do is hire a pottery maker to do it for you. Which will make you the best utensils. Which you can sell easily.

Cost to make pottery

As you all know, to start any business, it is necessary to invest in it. Because unless you invest money in it, that business will not work. Therefore, if you want, you can invest Rs 20,000 to start a small business. From which you can buy clay and other items. On the other hand, if you have your mind, then invest money on a large scale and make the business bigger. It all depends on your investment.

Raw Material and Equipment for making pottery

  • To make clay pots, you will first need clay. With which you will make utensils.
  • The manual or electric-powered chalk you’ll need for making utensils. Only by using this you will be able to shape the clay.
  • A designer would be needed to shape the clay. So that you can make different types of designs on clay.
  • The furnace which will be very necessary for cooking the clay. Because after making utensils, cooking it also becomes very necessary.

Pottery way of making (How to Make)

It is necessary to choose many things to make pottery. For which you should come to choose.

Soil selection 

The entire trade of pottery is based on clay. That’s why you should know how to choose the right soil. So that your utensils are good and their sales are also good. Therefore, keeping these things in mind, choose the soil.

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Bartan Size

You must have seen in the markets that you will get to see different types of utensils. That is because these utensils look very attractive in appearance and the customer also likes them a lot. For which the potter uses the wheel. Some shape the utensils by running chalk by hand, while some shape the utensils with electric chalk.

Drying pottery

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After preparing the pottery, drying is done. Which requires a lot of sunlight. So they have to be thrown out in the open. So that it dries well and after that it is ready to cook.

cook pottery

After drying the earthen pots, it is quite necessary to cook them. Because only after that you can use it. For which they are put in the furnace, where they start cooking. As soon as they are ripe, they are put on the shops so that the customer can buy it.

Where to Buy Pottery

You can sell pottery in any number of ways, at an exhibition, or online. Because nowadays every single platform is open for business. But if you want people to buy your utensils by liking them as much as possible. You cannot get a better platform for that than an exhibition or a fair. Because there people will be able to buy it after seeing it.

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Earnings and profits of pottery (Earning and Profit)

You can earn up to 50 thousand rupees in this business. And you will also get a lot of profit from this, because there is a lot of demand going on these days.

 If you want your pottery to earn well, then you will need a lot of good art and good stuff for that. 

Because only after this you can get good profits and gains in your business.

 Through which you can gradually grow your business and do good branding of it.

Marketing for Pottery

If you have to market your pottery, then you can choose social media for this. Through which you can market your utensils well. You have to take a photo of your utensils and post it on social media and share a good post. So that people are attracted to your post as much as possible and contact you to buy.

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Risk of pottery

The only risk with pottery is that they break easily. You have to keep them very carefully. So that it does not break or fall from anywhere. So that it can last longer. Because as good as they are, they are also delicate.


Q: What is the method of making pottery?
Ans: For making pottery, you will need clay, chalk, and a furnace.
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Q: Where can you buy pottery?
Ans: You can buy pottery from the market or any exhibition.

Q: How much does pottery cost?
Ans: According to your investment in pottery there is a cost. You can invest money according to your convenience.

Q: How much profit is there in trading in pottery?
Ans: The advantage of earthen pots is that the food is made very good in it, and there is a lot of pleasure in eating food in it.

Q: What is the advantage of doing pottery business?
Ans: It is both right and good to do business with pottery because nowadays its demand is very high among the people.

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