Best 19+ Small Investment Business ideas that make Massive Profits.

Do you want to start your own business, if yes then today’s post will be helpful for you? Because in this post I am going to tell you about some of the best New Small Investment Business Ideas

The special thing about the business ideas I have mentioned is that you do not need to invest much money. There are some businesses that you can start without spending a single penny. So let’s know about small Investment business ideas.

Best low investment Ideas that you must start in college period.

New Small Investment Business Ideas

From the list of Small Investment Business Ideas given below, you can start a business of your choice and start it at a very low cost.

1. Start A Blog: Online Business Ideas

Let me tell you, I started the business of blogging in 2020. Today I am earning more than $150 from my blog.

So if you also want to start an online business sitting at home then blogging is a good option for you. You don’t even need to buy a penny for this.

Just you should have good knowledge in anything like Computer, Health, Motivation or anything else besides this..

That is, according to your interest, you have to think about which topic you can write.

To know more you can learn blogging in detail over here

How to start blogging

› Step 1: – First of all you have to choose the topic for your blog, this work depends on your interest.

Step 2:– After that, you have to know on the website of and signup through your Gmail account, and choose the title and domain of your blog.

3: – Now you have to do some basic settings of your blog, to know about which you can read this post, How to do Basic Settings of New Blogger Blog Complete information.

Step 4:- After that, you have to do some important SEO settings for your blog.

> Step 5:- Now you have to write the first SEO Friendly post on your blog, to know about which you can read this post How to write SEO Friendly Blog PostPost.

2. Event Planning Business (Small investment Business ideas)

People need an Events Planner for Birthday, Marriage and Party.

If you also have good knowledge of event planning, then this business can prove to be beneficial for you.

Suppose you got the job of planning a birthday, then you have to arrange all the things used in it. In return, you will get a lot of money.

To start the business of event planning, you have to invest very little money.

3. Medical Store

The medical shop is one of the profitable businesses. You can start this business both in the village and in the city. There is a special thing about Medical Store that it does not have any season, it is a running business all the time.

In this business, you are going to get more than 20% profit. For example, you sold medicine worth Rs 5000 in a day, of which 20% is Rs 1000, that is, in the sale of * 5000, your profit will be * 1000.

To start a medical store business, you will have to invest around 2 to 5 lakh rupees.

4. Mobile Selling Shop

In India, millions of people are going to buy mobiles every day. Therefore, the business of Mobile Shop can be profitable for you. You can run this business both in the village and in the city.

If you want, you can also keep Headphones, Bluetooth, and other mobile-related accessories along with Mobiles. This will give you even more profit.

To start Mobile Selling Business, you have to invest at least 2 to 4 lakh rupees.

5. Tuition Center Tuition Center (Small investment Business ideas)

If your knowledge is good in some subjects, you can open a small tuition center and start your business.

If you can teach subjects like Math, Science, English, then you can easily open a tuition

center at home and call the children at home or you can join any coaching center.

If you do not have time to go to the coaching center then you can earn a lot of money by starting home tutoring in your home.

You do not have to invest anything to start Tuition Center and you can earn unlimited money from this business.

6. Real Estate Business

This is such a business that you can start without investment and earn lakhs of rupees. This business is also known as Property Dealing.

To start a real estate business, first, you have to prepare a list of people selling houses and plots and stay connected with them.

After that, you have to prepare another list in which you have to write the names and mobile numbers of those people who want to buy a house or plot. And keep in touch with them too.

After that, you have to get the deal finalized by joining both the men who bought the house and the survivors and get your commission.

7. Candle Making Business

If you want to start a low investment and high-profit business then this business is right for you. Candles are used by people for decoration in Events, Marriages, and Festivals.

To start a candle making business, you will have to invest 10 to 20 thousand rupees, but

going forward, you can benefit a lot from this business.

8. Electrical Shop

Today, the highest demand in the market is for electrical goods. To start this business, you must first choose a good location for the shop.

After that you have to see which electrical goods have more demand in the market, just you have to put the same items in the shop.

This business does not even require much investment. Most importantly, this business is

very profitable.

9. Gym Trainer Business

If you have complete knowledge about Gym, then you can earn a lot of money by becoming a Gym Trainer. It can cost from 50000 to 500000 to start this profitable business.

In today’s time, a large number of people want to join a gym to maintain their fitness and also get ready to pay a hefty fee. That’s why you can easily earn money by opening a gym center in a good place.

10. Grocery Shop

You can open a grocery store both in the village or in the city. You can start this business at low cost and then gradually turn it into a big business.

11. Car Washing Business

You must know that in today’s time every person has his own car. And every day millions of new vehicles are bought from the market. In such a situation, the Car Washing Business can prove beneficial for you.

To start this business you need a Car Washing Machine. Which you get at cheap prices. Initially, you can charge 100 to 150 for washing a car.

If you are looking for Low Investment Business Ideas, then you must think once about them. starting it.

12. Breakfast Cafe Business

This is a business that can give you good profit in a very short time. To start this, you will need only 20000 to 30000.

Now the question comes that why the business of Breakfast Cafe is becoming so popular.

The biggest reason for this is that nowadays people do not get time to make breakfast at home, so they like to go to the cafe and eat.

13. Instagram Influencer (Zero Investment Business Ideas)

An Instagram influencer is a person who posts the products and services of a company or business owner on their Instagram account. In return, he gets a lot of money.

To start this business, you should have knowledge about a particular topic, which you will be able to post regularly on your Instagram account.

After that, when your flowers gradually increase, you will be offered Paid Post by companies.

14. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you have to do a good Affiliate Program Join and after that promote their products.

When someone buys a product from your affiliate link, you will get a small commission for it.

If you are a blogger and a lot of traffic comes to your blog, then you can earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing.

There are many popular bloggers in India who earn lakhs of rupees from Affiliate Marketing, I will tell you the name of the most popular blogger.

He is a popular blogger Harsh Agarwal and the name of his blog is ShoutMeLoud, he earns a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing, he started this blog in 2008-09.

Today it is the most popular blogger in India.

You too can easily earn money from Affiliate Marketing, just you should have a blog on which Monthly Traffic should be more than 1000.

Choose a good affiliate program, but you have to take care of one thing, you have to choose the affiliate program related to the niche on which your blog will be.
You can earn money by promoting Affiliate Products on Social Media too, the most popular Social Media Site is Facebook, you can share Affiliate Links with your Audience by creating a Group or Page on it.

15. Freelance Business (Almost zero investment ideas)

Freelance means earning money by selling your skills or knowledge, so if you have good knowledge in any field then you can earn very good earning by starting a freelance business.

In today’s time, people look for a person with knowledge, who provides their related services in their field, they give that money to them.

If you have knowledge in any field related to technology like Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing, Logo Designing, Videos Editing then you can earn a lot of money.

There are some popular sites on the Internet on which you can sell your freelance services by creating a free account.

The most popular sites are Upwork and Fiverr, on these sites, you will find millions of clients, whom you can easily earn by selling your services.

Initially, you have to keep the charge of your Gigs low, as your clients increase, after that you can increase the charge of your Gigs.
If your customers like your work then you can grow your business and earn a lot of money.

16. Start A youTube Channel

You must be aware that today people spend most of their time on Youtube. So this means that earning money from YouTube is very easy.

To create a Youtube channel, you need to have a Gmail account. And you do not need to invest any money in it.

After creating a Youtube channel, you have to suck a good Niche / Topic. On which you can make videos.

Thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day on the Same Topic. That’s why you have to make the most unique and best videos. Only then you will be able to earn money from Youtube.

If you have good knowledge about some useless work, then you can share your experience with people by creating a Youtube channel. Youtube is Google’s own product. You can create a channel on Youtube for free.

If on your youtube channel 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours are completed in 12 months, then monetization will be enabled on your channel and you will start earning money.

There are many ways to earn money from Youtube like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Promote Your Own Products, and many more.

If you want to earn money from Youtube then read this article Youtube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

17. Old Computers Buying And Selling Business

This is a business from which you can earn very well because in today’s time almost everyone buys second-hand computers and laptops.

You must have a shop to start this business. You do not even have to invest much in this. It will cost you from 100000 to 200000.

While starting this business, you will have to face some problems, but as your business grows, your problems will also be solved and you will also start earning good money.

Before buying any second-hand computer or laptop, you have to check its conditions thoroughly. If the condition of the computer/laptop will be good then you will have to buy it.

After that, when you get a good price for it, then you can send it, initially you have to withdraw very little profit when gradually your business will grow, then after that, you can increase the price of your products.

18. Computer Repairing (Small Investment Business Ideas)

In today’s time, everyone has a laptop or computer, and the older they are, the more problems come in them and they have to be repaired.

You must have a shop to start this business. The location of the shop should be at a good place.

It may cost you 50000 to 10000 to start this business. But when your shop becomes popular than after that you can earn lakhs of rupees from this business.

19. Mobile Repairing (Small Investment Business Ideas)

The business of mobile repairing is the easiest and best business, if you have good knowledge about mobile repairing, then you can easily start this business.

To start this business you need a shop. And a little more money is needed.

If your shop is somewhere in the market, then you can earn lakhs of rupees from this business.

If you do not have knowledge about Mobile Repairing, then you can learn through Youtube and Google

20. Content Writing

Many bloggers and marketers need content writers. If you have knowledge of Content Writing then you can easily earn money.

The work of content writing is very easy, in this you have to find clients and when someone gives you the job of content writing, he will tell you the price.

Initially, you have to keep a very low price. When you feel that clients are benefiting from your content, after that you can increase the price.

Initially, you can charge 200 for 1000 words when your knowledge increases, after that you can also charge 300 for 1000 words.

You can find clients by using social networks.

21. Professional Photographer

In today’s time, when people have a function, they need a professional photographer. To start this business you have to buy a DSL Camera. The cost of which ranges from ₹ 30000 to ₹ 40000.

To grow this business, you have to find clients, you can find clients by using social networks.

If you do not have knowledge of photography then you can easily learn through Youtube.

It will cost you very little to start this business. You can start this business by making your own customer. These days many people need a photographer.

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