How To Start Tissue Paper Business in India?

How To Start Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business in India ?( Investment, Profit , Raw Material , Machine )

Want To Start your own Start Tissue Paper Business. Then here is the best Information (Steps) That you can start with all the information.

Talking in today’s world, this business can prove to be very beneficial. Today people everywhere want to live a different life. In that, from food to clothes, people also have different attitudes and lifestyles. Mainly it is used where there is a shortage of water. 

There it is used more. Tissue paper is used more in restaurants, hotels, toilets, etc. Along with this, it is also used in the hospital. Its use also saves water and people use it to know how it is used in foreign countries.

But talking about our country, do you think this tissue paper business is profitable in India? The answer is yes, there is profit in this business. Its use is increasing every day.

 In today’s post we are going to tell, How To Start Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business in India How to start tissue paper making business. How much will it cost? How much raw material will be used, how much will it cost, what will be the machine? We are going to give you information about all these things in today’s video. So friends read this post till the last.

To start the business of making tissue paper, you need to have all the information. So if you also need the necessary information to start a business, then stay with us, you will get all the details in this post. So let’s start without missing the team.

Here is A Video To Help you Start Tissue Paper Business.

Raw Material for Making Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper Making raw material To start the business of making tissue paper, only one raw material is required.

 That is a tissue paper roll. Using this you can start this business. The size of tissue paper is 30 cm x 30 cm. 

It holds 100 pieces in a pocket. Because of this tissue roll plays a very important role to start its business.

Market Price of Raw Material for Making Tissue Paper

The raw material is used to make tissue paper. You can buy it very cheaply in the market. Different prices are seen in its market. Its roll price is available from Rs 40 to Rs 56 per kg. Different price is seen in its price different area.

Tissue Paper Making Machine Required Machine for Tissue Paper Making Business

Tissue Paper Making Machine There are three types of machines for making tissue paper, in which there are many manual machines, automatic machines, and fully automatic machines.

 According to how much budget you have out of these machines, you can start your business by installing the machine.

 For this, you get less production through the manual machines. And that takes a lot of time. 

And it is not the same size. At the same time, you have a lot of other types of machines, in which automatic and fully automatic machines produce the same product and the production increases greatly.

 The production that is made from it is of good quality.

Price Of the Machines Used for Manufacturing Tissue paper

The manual machine gets its price up to 2.5 lakhs.

The price of automatic machines is up to 5 lakhs.

Similarly, a fully automatic machine is also very much, in this you do not need to do anything, you just have to attach the roll and keep the paper ready.

With the help of this machine, production can be done.

Tissue Paper Making Process

The tissue paper-making process is very easy. You have to use only one machine to make it. This paper is made from it. Know its entire process.

  • First of all, for this you have to put a corner of the paper roll in one side of the machine. And from another place, 100 papers of paper together are kept on the side of the machine.
  • Paper cutting die is fitted in this machine. Through this the machine is pressed. And the paper is cut. This paper is cut in the size of the die.
  • And after that the cut paper is filled in a plastic bag.
  • After packing it, the company logo or sticker is pasted on it.
  • And your paper is ready for the market. You can fill it in the box and keep it.

Required Cost for Tissue Paper Making Business Tissue Paper Business Investment

If you are also thinking of starting this business then it is important for you to know the Tissue paper manufacturing plant costs. You will have to invest 15 to 20 lakhs in this business. In this, you will get the machine, raw material. There will be space rent and office expenses. That much investment will be required. Along with that, you will also need the packing and marketing of the product.

You must be thinking that if we do not have that much investment then how can we start this business. For this, you need to take a loan. How did he go?

loan facility

For this, you can take a loan from Baja. This loan is given by the Government of India, it is also called a business loan. Under this, you have to take 20 to 30% of the Ammonite instead of the main Ammonite. For the rest, you can take a loan. Under this, you are given a loan under the Prime Minister’s scheme. Mudra Loan

Space Requirement for Tissue Paper Business Land for Tissue Paper Making business

It is very important for you to have enough space to start a tissue paper-making business. You can use your own space for this. Or if you do not have space then you can also take it on rent. For this, it is important to keep in mind the external things while choosing the place. Know that share.

  • Be in such a place where you can easily get the facility for transpost. That is, having a place close to the city will be of great benefit to you.
  • To start this business you need 500 to 1000 squarefoot from business. In that you need for packing area and production.
  • It is necessary to have small space for office also. Space is necessary for office work.

license for tissue paper making business in india

Required license for tissue paper making business

  • Trade License Its license is necessary for you to take the local authority parson of your area.
  • MSME / SSI Registration Here you need to register on the government’s site.
  • iec code If you export your product then you need this license.
  • You will also need GST NUMBER .
  • FOOD LICENSE Tissue paper is used in food service, so you also need to get its license.
  • UDYOG ADHAR it is you need.
  • POLLUTION CONTROL You will also need this.

Tissue Paper Packing

To do business of tissue paper, it is very important to pack the product made by you. In this, you have to pack 100 pieces in a box. For this, you can use plain polythene. And if you want to start this business by making your own brand, then you also have to stick your own logo on the bag. With this, you can brand your product. Packing is given a lot of importance in any business. Packing increases the chances of the customer buying your products.

Need for Marketing of Tissue Paper

Marketing this business is very important. You can hire a person for marketing. For this, it is necessary to market it where it is used. Like in small and big shops, it is necessary to market it in the city. It happens the most in hotels too, so you can market it in hotels in your area.

In today’s time, you can market your business by using social media. You can promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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