Surgical bandage Making Business

Information about Surgical Bandage Making Business Ideas. Investment, profit, machine and raw material

Start You own Surgical BAndage Making Business As this is the best Low budget Business that you can start and try from which you earn high Profit

The name of the products which are in most demand in your dispensary, medical store these places is a surgical bandage. The place where it is most in demand. 

The name of the hospital and medical store comes the most in that place. If you are thinking of doing business because of its demand at this place, then you need it. Its location If you want to start your business in this location, then the place where you consume it. It is also important to take care of that place.

In today’s post, we are going to give complete information about Surgical Bandage Making Business Ideas. Like how much will this business cost? How much space will be required? We are going to give complete information about which machine will be needed in this post today. If you will get complete information about how much profit you will get in this and how you can earn 2500 rupees daily, then stay with this video.

Why is there so much demand for Surgical Bandage in India?

If we talk about our country, then the use of Surgical Bandage has increased a lot in our country. The reason for this is also the same. Many people have entered this business to date, but still, the winning demand is not as much as it is produced in our country. Because of this, doing business with it can be very profitable. You don’t even have to invest much in this. And people in our country have become aware of their health in today’s time. In this case, its business can be a source of great profit. Because of this, the scope of profit in this business is considered good. And because of this, it is in demand in India.

Raw Material Surgical Bandage Raw Material and Price, for Surgical Bandage Business

If you are thinking of doing the business of making surgical bandages, then the white cloth of raw material mesh cotton is necessary for this business. And at the same time, the gum is needed for this, and Khakhi colored paper is needed. These things are needed. To start this business. The price of these can be different from place to place and keeps on changing according to the time.

Cotton roll cloth price = Rs.10 per meter

Cover Paper – Comes in Rs.55 kg.

Gum = it gets you 30 rupees a kg

Surgical Bandage Making Machine

If you talk about surgical bandage-making machines, then you need some machines to start this business. Their information is given below.

1) Roll Machine Cotton Roll Machine

This machine is used for making surgical cotton rolls. This machine is used to roll the cotton into a Sarika. And if we talk about the price of its machine. 2 lakhs comes up to Rs.

2) Roll Cutting Machine Roll Cutting Machine

Using this machine the roll is cut into one-inch pieces. It is cut into small pieces. Its price in the market comes up to Rs 1 lakh.

These two machines are required. With the help of these two machines, you can make 5000 1-inch surgical cotton pieces every day. And you can sell it in the market.

Surgical Bandage Making Business License

To start this business, a simple license is required. In this, you only need Udyog Aadhar and GST numbers. With these two things, you can start your business.

Marketing of Surgical Bandage Business

Surgical Bandage Business marketing To market it to you, you will have to market it in medical stores, hospitals, and dispensaries in your area. For this, you can also hire a marketing person and he will do his marketing. But note that in marketing, the customer has to be handled very carefully. In this case, it is necessary to keep the salesperson on a commission basis. Who can do good work on commission? Winning is good marketing, the more your business will grow well.

Profit in Surgical Bandage Business Surgical Bandage Business Profit Margin

There is a good profit margin in the surgical bandage business. If you keep a profit margin of 50 paise in a piece cut off one inch in a day, then even if you sell 5000 pieces in a day, you still get a profit margin of Rs 2500 for the day.

 In this way, you can earn 75000 profit in 30 days in a month. In this, you can earn net profit by going full your expenses.

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